Tips for testing a mattress

Once advised on which mattress models are best suited to your needs, do not settle for touching with your hand, these sensations will not be real.

Wear comfortable clothes and take off your shoes to ensure maximum comfort. Lie on the mattress and take your time, do not feel uncomfortable to delay. Yes, it’s weird to lie in front of a stranger, ask them to leave you alone for a while to be more comfortable and without pressure.

1. Tumble on your back

First of all, make sure that the mattress on is at least 10 centimeters more than your body. Then, feel how the mattress fits on your back and if the welcome is pleasant. Stay a few minutes in this position by looking at two questions:

That the mattress adapts to the curvature of the back, keeping it straight and without exerting excessive pressure on the shoulders and lumbar area.

2. Set side

This is the most common position. According to a study by the association ASOCAMA, 64.7% of Spaniards sleep on their side. Therefore, lie on your shoulder and hips, that both are facing the ceiling, bend your knees slightly, support your head on the pillow and note if:

The mattress adapts to the shape of the body by avoiding pressure on the support points, such as the hip or shoulders.

Stay in that position for 3-5 minutes without moving and make sure your back is completely straight.

3. Sleep in couple

If you share the mattress with your partner, it is important to try it at the same time to demonstrate that both will have a quality rest.

To know if the size of the mattress is adequate, lie down at the same time and, with the arms behind the head, stretch the elbows towards both sides. If they do not collide with each other, space is enough. The standard width in double beds is 1.5m.

Ensures the independence of movement. Make your partner move while you are in a fixed position and ensure that your movement does not bother you.

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